Two Valley Residents have gone Missing in Southern Mexico

Two Valley Residents have gone Missing in Southern Mexico

Starr County– Two mothers are desperate after more than a week has gone by since they last heard from their sons who travel to southern Mexico. 

Two men have gone missing but their families have not lost hope that they will return, alive and well.  Today marks 8 days since Patricia Pulido on Amalia Garza last heard from their sons. Anguish, Anxiety and Exhaustion are some of the emotions they have experienced as they attentively wait for them to call. 

“I haven’t been able to sleep. I wake up every day around 3 or 4 in the morning to call their cell phones. my son’s phone and his friend’s phone, but they’re off. We send a message through WhatsApp and they don’t go through.”

Erick Garza and Octavio Pulido left Rio Grande City on route to Autlán de Navarro Jalisco, on January 3rd in a 2011 Silver Jetta. Supposedly they were joined by another friend Mario Dominguez who is known as “El Profe”.

“On their way there, they were apparently going to pick up a so-called ‘Profe’ and he went with them”

Amelia admits that she has no idea who their friend was and only had knowledge that they knew each other from work.

“They knew this guy from work, but we never met him, we know nothing of him.”

The sister of ‘El Profe’ told the moms over the phone that the last place she knew that they were at was Puerta de la Costa hotel on January 4th on their way Ttotecnoticlan Jalisco. 

This was the last time they made contact. This case is under investigation by the FBI.  

If you have any information that can help please call 984-6300.

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