New Details Revealed in the November Murder of a well-known Doctor

New Details Revealed in the November Murder of a well-known Doctor

Weslaco, Texas– Police revealed in new details regarding the death of a local doctor back in November.

With the help of the FBI and over a dozen of their law enforcement agencies, the Weslaco chief of police confirmed the arrest of three individuals in connection with a murder of a doctor on November 7th.

Joel Ismael Gonzales

17-year-old Joel Ismael Gonzales allegedly shot Doctor John Jesus Dominguez when he was leaving a parking lot, wounding him in the leg. The incident was caught on the surveillance video. Nineteen-year-old Luis Lopez Valenzuela was also arrested and is suspected to be the person driving the vehicle Gonzalez traveled in. 31-year-old Jose Benavidez Torres was also arrested in connection to this case.

Luis Lopez Valenzuela

“We believe that the motor vehicle collision is what caused the doctor’s death and not necessarily the shooting.”

Joel Rivera – Weslaco Chief of Police

Authorities added that the incident involved a spiritual healer commonly referred to as a Curandero who was acquainted with the victim. The suspects obtained the doctor’s information through that individual whose identity has not been revealed.

Officials say they do not plan on arresting the curandero but did reveal details on the person who they suspect planned the attack.

Jose Benavidez Torres

“Mr. Torres was the mastermind. We believe him to be the mastermind of the entire plot

Joel Rivera – Weslaco Chief of Police

Chief Rivera also mentioned that the case was especially complicated because Dr. Dominguez was well known in the community. 

The three suspects remain behind bars under a $1,000,000 bond. If convicted, they can face up to life in prison.

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