‘Do it for Phil’ Honors Local Paramedic

‘Do it for Phil’ Honors Local Paramedic

After the sudden and unexpected death of a local paramedic, the community works toward keeping his memory and legacy alive.

Phillip Huerta; a marine and purple heart recipient lost his life while the ambulance he was in was impacted by a drunk driver in December of 2018.

Today friends and family launched a campaign that encourages the community to give back…Something that according to them, was something he loved to do.

‘Do it for Phil’ is a way to remember, he loved to give back to his community he was a veteran, he had a purple heart, and after his marine corp service, Phil served his community as an EMT.

Zamora explained that they are not yet a nonprofit organization…Originally this effort was spearheaded only by the family and then a community movement.

‘Do it for Phil’ is a community movement started by Phil’s family…Based on trying to carry out his legacy after he lost his life on the line of duty in 2018…

Members of ‘do it for Phil’ attend 5k’s that donate to charitable causes and work with non-profits…Recently the campaign partnered with DHR health, along with ems organizations to send out care packages to troops in Afghanistan.

If you like to support this cause and give back just as Phil did, you can do so by obtaining a do it for Phil t-shirt attend a community event upload the pic using the #doitforPhil or send a donation, contact information can be found on their Facebook page titled at ‘Justice for Phil Huerta’.

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