Pets of Fugitives are found inside Home without Food or Water

Pets of Fugitives are found inside Home without Food or Water

After a couple from Minnesota was arrested in Alamo a week ago, the owner of the mobile home they were renting says they left two dogs inside.

Courtney Lunn wait and cole James Sellner were taken into custody on December 19.

According to authorities they settled in alamo in an effort to flee wait’s six active warrants, issued in Minnesota. However, when the couple was arrested, their belongings were left behind in the home, including their two Pitbulls.

A week after their capture, Elias Medina, who rented them the house where the pair stayed, says he still hasn’t been able to get ahold of the proper authorities to come to get the animals.

“Here is my business, there were a lot of policemen, when I got here they had taken them, the problem was that they have two dogs, and they left them inside, tomorrow will be a week and poor dogs, we can’t get them out they’re dangerous.”

Medina says that he is afraid of setting them loose, since he believes this will not only cause damages around the community but someone might get hurt.

If I open the door and let them go, they can bite a kid or something

Medina says he has only been able to give one of them water and some bones and adds that after several attempts he was able to get the other pitbull out of the house. According to him, the dog shows signs of being dehydrated.

Fox News reached out to the alamo police department, who confirmed their participation in the detention of both suspects but said the county was handling this case

The Hidalgo County Animal Control said they are the ones responsible for getting the dogs out and if the report is filed today, they will get the pets out on Monday

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