DWI Arrests reduced, but still too high

DWI Arrests reduced, but still too high

Authorities say the number of DWI arrests has reduced compared to last year, however, the numbers are still high.

For the year 2019 Laredo police had 573 arrests for persons driving while intoxicated, now compared to last year, we had 584 persons arrested for driving while intoxicated”

Police clarify their goal is to keep the streets of Laredo safe and prevent fatal accidents caused by drinking and driving.

“Year to date the numbers in comparison to last year are significantly lower. Where last year we had upwards of 25 fatalities or fatal accidents where one person was driving while intoxicated, this year the numbers are low in comparison to that”

They say besides facing jail time, there are other consequences if you are arrested for a DWI.

“You run the chance of having your license suspended, it is immediately suspended for 60 days if you do have a CDL or commercial drivers license, you won’t be able to work and you may lose your job you also face fines”

That is why authorities ask the community not to take the wheel if they have consumed alcoholic beverages, asking them to use another form of transportation or have a designated driver available.

Remember Laredo police and TxDOT continue their efforts in locating intoxicated drivers during this holiday season.

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