Community Stepping Up Security Measures after losing Police Dept.

Community Stepping Up Security Measures after losing Police Dept.

Willacy County, Texas– The city of Lyford no longer has a police department, therefore the community is stepping up by creating their own neighborhood watches

“We have seen our citizens come together to try to form neighborhood watches and they are currently in the process that they are also being more vigilant and taking care of each other’s property neighbor are calling in saying we saw this suspicious guy and we know our neighbors out of town”

According to sergeant Maldonado, there have been three burglaries of habitations and one burglary of a vehicle in the Lyford and Sebastian area. Although those numbers aren’t high – it has been a lot for a small community.

” We have done our part on stepping up higher patrol presence in that area we do we do have the rest of the county to cover so we have to shift and focus our manpower in different areas” we spoke with Lyford residents who tell us how they have come together….

“If we see a car that doesn’t belong we are going to call when we had the police department they would call the police department but now we can call the county sheriff’s department and Mr. Ben vera”

“We have safety cameras and that’s our safety around here and our neighbors from the west side north side we are all united together”

“All of us are trying to help each other if we see anything. I know I’m one of the ones that will pick up the phone and call the county so that’s what we are doing everyone is helping each other out”

Officials encourage residents to continue reporting any suspicious activity in their neighborhood, by calling the Willacy county sheriffs department at (956)689-5576 reporting for fox news south texas daisy Espinoza

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