Community Organized Vigil in Honor of Fallen Paramedic

Community Organized Vigil in Honor of Fallen Paramedic

Edinburg, Texas– The community gathered at a vigil to remember Felipe Huerta jr exactly one year after he was killed in a crash.

Huerta jr was conducting his job duties when the ambulance he was driving was struck by a suspected drunk driver.

“Till this day we still receive phone calls from firefighters I know the Elsa fire department is always calling inquiring about how the family is doing.”

The vice president said that Huerta was honored by the emergency medical services association last month…The organization is statewide and Huerta was inducted into the paramedic hall of fame…Local organizations put together a vigil in his name.

“Sometimes we think like police officers or firefighters or state troopers as the first responders but EMS is also a first responder also the first at the scene and Philip was very good at his job.”

Mcallen and Elsa fire department alongside other agencies formed part of the event…Vazaldua says its important for the public to honor all the work Huerta did for the community.

Prayers and hundreds of lit candles were seen at DHR’s parking lot where many came together to honor Huerta jr’s memory.

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