Texas Redistricting Committee Visits Edinburg

Texas Redistricting Committee Visits Edinburg

Edinburg, Texas — The house redistricting committee arrived in Edinburg this afternoon to listen to different testimonies of people that live in the Rio Grande valley. The purpose of this is to help them determine if the valley can get additional seats in congress and in the state legislature. Members of this committee are taking into consideration the comments given out by residents who live in the valley.

“The importance of the redistricting committee is paramount. Making sure that we draw the lines correctly for the next 10 years is absolutely pertinent. Having these representatives come from all over the state of Texas, not only are they able to hear from the community at large with respect to representation, but they’re also able to see where we live.”

Terry Canales – State Representative

Canales adds that the city valley is one of the places with the least of representation due to low participation in the census which is why the congressman is asking the community to take part in the 2020 census.

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