Rio Grande City Restaurant Catches Fire, One Dead

Rio Grande City Restaurant Catches Fire, One Dead

Rio Grande City, Texas — According to officials, a 31-year-old woman was pronounced dead at the hospital after being treated for smoke inhalation. Rio grande city fire chief says the blaze was reported around 1:30 a.m. at Mesquite Grill. 

“We did encounter a young female that was pulled out and taken to the Starr County Memorial hospital”

Manuel Muniz – RGC Fire Chief

The family tells us the woman was a family friend that was visiting for the holidays. She was staying in a bedroom adjacent to the restaurant.

They rushed to the property as soon as they were notified of the fire.

“We have to get our friend out. We knew that she was in there, and we’re terrified. We didn’t know what’s going on.”

Ayssa Hinojosa – Daughter of the Owner

The business is now a total loss. The owner says they have been running it for over eight years and many people depend on it.

“I’ve worked there. My entire family, my sister was a server, I work at the store, my dad was the cashier. My mama’s in the kitchen, all of the workers, the cook’s, the dishwasher, is family.”

The family says although they are now that without a job, they are more saddened about the loss of their loved one.

“We are heartbroken for the loss of life. This is can be rebuilt. We can start over. We can do anything else. But it’s more the loss of a life that was heartbreaking to us” 

Ayssa Hinojosa – Daughter of the Owner

Unfortunately, the restaurant was not insured, being a horse a family is now asking for monetary donations to help rebuild a business. To donate you can visit their gofundme page under ‘mesquite grill’. Rio Grande City officials and state fire marshals continue investigating the cause of the blaze.

Count on us to bring you the latest on this case.

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