HIV Awareness Month

HIV Awareness Month

Around 1.2 million people reside in the Rio Grande valley and there is only one agency specialized to assist those who are HIV positive…

According to health experts, the number of persons who are becoming HIV positive in the valley is on the rise.

Directors at the valley aids council state that there are more than 2,000 cases of positive tests and they are in need of monetary assistance…

Health experts, highlight the importance of early testing and detection and the availability of medications that help in not only the treatment of HIV but prevention as well…

In an effort to support, educate and empower, the national HIV league has put forth a scholarship program for individuals who live with the virus.

For more information on how to apply and details of the various scholarships, you can visit http://www.Hivleague.Org/scholarship

Health experts highly recommend routine examinations regardless of sexual orientation and relationship status. For information on how to obtain an exam free of charge or at a low cost, you can call 956-428-2653

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