Police Warn Deadly Drug Mix Hitting the Streets

Police Warn Deadly Drug Mix Hitting the Streets

Starr County, Texas — Drug dealers are hitting the streets with a deadly mixture of illegal drugs. Primarily crack cocaine and methamphetamine.

“We’re afraid of the reaction, that the body might have, the worst thing that can happen is an overdose”

According to RGCPD, both crystal meth and crack cocaine are highly intense and addictive narcotics. Police say the mixture could pose a huge risk for those who consume it, especially when the user has an addiction.

” a person goes and buys the drug thinking it’s crack cocaine, not knowing it also has crystal meth, we’re afraid of the reaction their bodies might have”

Solis adds they received a tip from users on this cocktail, he also says that other crimes can arise from dealing drugs in neighborhoods.
If a person is selling drugs from a home, it becomes a neighborhood issue, burglaries and thefts can arise

Authorities say drug dealers could be selling this new cocktail to increase their business. They say once addicts get a taste of a new drug, they’ll want more…Anyone with information on the selling of any type of narcotic should report it to their local police department…

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