Karla De Leon Arraignment on First Degree Murder

Karla De Leon Arraignment on First Degree Murder

47-year- old Karla Marlen de Leon is facing a first-degree murder charge. And according to the judge could spend the rest of her life in prison if found guilty…

De Leon was arraigned Tuesday – she is being accused of shooting and killing her 46-year-old husband hector Raisel. Authorities are still investigating this incident to determine what may have led to this tragic event.

It has not been confirmed if this was a domestic violence situation or not, there was a million-dollar bond set and she was charged with murder in the first degree, however, she has every right to fight this, just as anybody does, and the investigation is ongoing, its not a closed case.

De Leon received a million dollar bond. Her lawyer sought a lower bond saying de Leon has no criminal history, is a u.S. Citizen and has lived in the Rio Grande Valley all her life. Authorities want to inform the public of available resources to help reduce these types of incidents.

We have implemented a new position in the police department, called the crime victims liaison. Our police officers are here for our people 24/7 but we have never had a counselor or a liaison on call 24/7 to help victims of crime, sexual abuse, and help victims of domestic violence.

This new resource will be available soon. The liaison will assist victims of crime at their homes or places of preference at any time of the day.
The Edinburg police department added, although multiple fatal crimes have been reported in the last 72 hours, both have been isolated events…

This investigation continues, you can count on us to bring you the latest information.

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