Temporary Restriction Order towards “We Build the Wall” Group

Temporary Restriction Order towards “We Build the Wall” Group

Mission, Texas — Activists are celebrating a judicial victory in their efforts to stop the construction of a border wall in Mission. This dispute is against a private group that has constructed similar structures in other parts of Texas.

A judge signed a restraining order submitted by the National Butterfly Center towards the organization known as “We build the wall” keeping them from building any projects temporarily.  This order was submitted this Tuesday and find that same day and hidalgo county district court.

According to the attorney that represents the National Butterfly Center, they headed to court after the group refused from building the barrier in a private zone.

 “The ‘We Build the Wall’ people have been indicating that they’re not going to stop construction even know several governmental entities are requested that they not start construction until to make sure all the permits are there and they’ve got the proper environmental studies”

According to some activists, the construction of this barrier could bring negative effects to the ecosystem and the national butterfly center.

“Flooding hazards when there’s a major storm, or when there’s when the river jumps it’s and its boundaries. These kinds of things can damage property and can put people’s lives at risk.  But also, what they are doing is trying to push people further and further two more dangerous locations the cross.”

The founder of the ‘We built the wall’ group Brian Kolfage told fox news that the court has not notified him or his crew about this temporary restraining order and that due to this the construction has not ceased.

Attorney Pena said his client has not reached an agreement with Kolfage on this issue, which is why they will continue to proceed and hopes of making this restriction into a temporary injunction.

“…and ultimately we think will be entitled to a permanent junction stopping this kind of structure being built on that piece of property”

Kolfage is now expected to appear in court on December 17th in regards to this case.

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