Home invasion shoot-out leaves one dead, one in custody

Home invasion shoot-out leaves one dead, one in custody

Weslaco, Texas — Hidalgo County Sheriff deputies are investigating a home invasion that left one man dead and one in custody.

Authorities say 32-year-old Emanuel Alvarado was involved in a robbery where he was shot. Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputies responded to Knapp Medical hospital where a man was taken and with a gunshot wound around 1 a.m. Tuesday morning. Subsequently, authorities executed a search warrant at a resident Saltillo Circle around noon in rural Weslaco.

“We believe that it was a home invasion here. Individuals came to this location to rip off drugs and money. However, they were met with gunfire and there was an exchange of gunfire”

According to Sheriff Guerra, traces of marijuana were found in the home the sheriff says Alvarado was one of the individuals that was trying to steal drugs or money from the homeowners.

“We’re still trying to identify the individuals that were here at this house and the individuals that were with our victim to try and rip off this drug house”

Deputy spoke to several of the nearby residents they claimed to have heard gunshots being fired right after midnight but failed to report it.

Officials say this incident remains under investigation and are asking anyone with information to report it anonymously to hidalgo county crime stoppers at 956-668-8477.


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