Multimillion-Dollar Drug Seizure

Multimillion-Dollar Drug Seizure

Laredo, Texas — Heavy traffic is expected over this weekend due to a Mexican holiday. Customs and border protection officers continue to intercept narcotics.

The first seizure was reported on November 18th at the Juarez-Lincoln International Bridge where officers seized 54 pounds of cocaine and methamphetamine. The narcotics were found inside a truck that was driven by a 34-year-old Dallas resident.

The second was reported at the same international bridge. Officers found 133 pounds of methamphetamine hidden inside a pickup driven by a 66-year-old Mexican National from Monterrey. The drugs had an estimate of over 2.4 million dollars.

CBP officers use different technologies as well as highly developed individual skills.

“We also do have canines that help us intercept these narcotics.”

The agency says they continue to work towards their mission of keeping the streets of Laredo safe.

CBP officers remain vigilant and use their skills and interview with professionalism to intercept narcotics.

This case is now being investigated by homeland security.

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