RGC Double Homicide Investigation Update

RGC Double Homicide Investigation Update

Rio Grande City, Texas — It’s been three years since the double homicide of Lourdes Elizondo and Oneida Garza, family members hope that officials find those responsible for taking the lives of their loved ones.

In March 2016, Garza and Elizondo were found dead in a home on the outskirts of Rio grande city. The city’s chief of police Noe Castillo says the murder happened outside of their jurisdiction — the texas rangers are the ones handling the investigation.

“Everybody wants this case to be solved the case is still under investigation, and it’s still being looked into, and these cases don’t just stop being looked at.”

CEO of RGV family and friends of murdered children – Robert Garcia tells us the victims’ relatives are confused about what agency is investigating the case.

“It’s the Texas Rangers whose in charge of the case no it the Rio grande police department whose in charge of the case no you know what it’s the sheriff’s office in charge of the case and then the da says its everybody in charge of the case that’s part of the frustration for them is the miscommunication”

A Rio grande city resident gave us her thoughts about this case

“3 years ago it happened they were murdered we don’t know if they are still investigating we don’t know who did it we see posters everywhere from the family who are still waiting for the result.”

When the incident occurred three years ago, the Starr County district attorney’s office was the one investigating this case. However, it is unknown if they are still participating.

We called the district attorney’s office of Omar Escobar to see if his agency is still investigating this case, but he never got back to us.

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