Honduran National Formally Charged with Capital Murder

Honduran National Formally Charged with Capital Murder

Alton, Texas — 22-year-old Oscar Armando Velasquez was formally charged for capital murder.

Velazquez, a Honduran national appeared before a judge where he was arraigned on four charges.

“He was arraigned he was given a million-dollar bond on the capital murder and 5,000 per count on the attempt murder charges for the surviving victims”

Velazquez who had a pending warrant for his arrest was captured by officials on Sunday, November 17 after attempting to cross into Mexico.

“Our agency was notified that oscar Velazquez was apprehended at the hidalgo port of entry our investigators went out to the port of entry and took custody of Mr. Velazquez and brought him here to the station”

The deadly shooting was reported on Friday at the 900 block of Jefferson Street in Alton. Velazquez is accused of shooting two men and fleeing the scene.

One of the victim’s family members spoke to us over the phone who told us they are now at ease since Velazquez has been arrested.

Velazquez bond was set at a total of 2.5 million dollars for all four counts and is now behind bars at the Hidalgo County jail.

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