Former CBP Officer Almost Deported

Former CBP Officer Almost Deported

Brownsville, Texas — A former immigration officer claims he is on the verge of being deported over something that was out of his hands.

“I received a letter from the DHS attorney saying that I have no rights, well I fought for those rights.”

Raul Rodriguez

Raul Rodriguez who worked for almost 20 years for CBP, says he not only lost his job but also fears for his safety if he is deported to Mexico.

“I’ve never been convicted of anything. I’ve never committed any crimes, and yet they treat me like this.”

Raul Rodriguez

According to Rodriguez, it all began when he initiated a migratory process in hopes of bringing his brother from Mexico to the US. During the investigation into Rodriguez, officers discovered he had a birth certificate that showed he was born in Mexico. It was then when Rodriguez brought his father to testify. His father subsequently admitted that the document was legitimate.

“I’m very upset I don’t know if I could forgive him for this. Parents shouldn’t do this to kids.”

Raul Rodriguez

Rodriguez contacted attorney Jaime Diez, who helped him submit a petition to obtain a residency and citizenship, only to be denied a year and a half later.

In a letter, immigration attorneys stated that Rodriguez knowingly submitted a fraudulent us birth certificate in an attempt to adjust the immigration status of his brother.

“We shouldn’t be fighting this. This should be a case that should have already been granted. He should be a legal permanent resident on his way to becoming a United States Citizen.”

Attorney Jaime Diez

We contacted the citizenship and immigration services who cited their privacy policy. They could not discuss anything in regards to this situation.

EDIT: The story has been updated to show that Mr. Rodriguez worked for CBP, not USCIS.

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