Fallen K9 Officers Honored

Fallen K9 Officers Honored

Three fallen canines known for their commitment and dedication to customs and border protection were honored.

This is the first time they host a memorial service for canines. They died of natural causes and leave behind a strong legacy. Officers say they were a great addition to the agency.

“We deploy our canines to screen vehicle traffic, commercial traffic, cargo, railroad, and pedestrian traffic”

Dino had only been serving for a short period of time and was assigned as a currency and firearms detection dog. He helped other federal and local law enforcement agencies during enforcement raids. Although he was fairly new, he left behind a great impact on his partner.

To me he was my he’s my partner, my he’s family, he is my family, my partner, I’m with him every day, I feed him, bathe him, to me he’s just more than my working dog he’s my partner, he is my family”

Other canines recognized are broke, who was just seven-years-old. He helped intercept hundreds of narcotics and in 2017 was awarded top honor canine. Zorry was assigned as a concealed human and narcotics detection dog, helping intercept more than three thousand kilograms of narcotics.
Cbp says they hosted this memorial service to honor these officers that helped keep Laredo safe.

“These officers spend a lot of time with their canines, they spend more time with them than their families, when a canine passes away, its like losing your partner”

CBP says they will continue to recognize those officers that have created an impact throughout the agency.

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