Student Hit by a Vehicle at a McAllen Elementary School

Student Hit by a Vehicle at a McAllen Elementary School

McAllen, Texas — A 15-year-old is now going to need surgery after she was left with several broken bones.

“She has a broken pelvis, a broken femoral head, a laceration to the kidney. She had a huge gash on her on her scalp that they had to staple close.”

Ciara Sepulveda (Victim’s Sister)

  Ciara Sepulveda tells us her sister was waiting for the school bus in the school bus loading area outside of Francisca Alvarez elementary when the incident happened this morning.

“They told me that the driver was pulling into a parking spot and then just she just accelerated, went through a fence, hit my sister and then hit a light pole.”

Ciara Sepulveda (Victim’s Sister)

Sepulveda adds the accident could have been prevented if the bus stop wasn’t located near the parking lot.

“What I see is that there’s like a bus loading area and the parking lot right there for staff members to come and park. Why do you have a parking lot where the kids are going to be loaded onto a bus.”

Ciara  Sepulveda (Victim’s Sister)

Mcallen ISD’s Public Information Officer stated the driver remained at the scene and cooperated with authorities. McAllen PD and the school district police are now investigating.

Several parents we spoke to said they are concerned about the incident at their children’s campus.

“We’re kind of scared that these things happen here and I hope they can say something. they can tell the truth because we parents need to know.”

Concerned Parent

“I have never experienced an incident like this and I live close by so I’ve been on top of my children’s safety and thank god they are inside safe.”

Concerned Parent

Parents say that they hope school officials consider moving the bus loading area to a location that is not near the parking lot to avoid another accident.

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