Laredo ISD sees an increase in campus threats

Laredo ISD sees an increase in campus threats

Laredo, Texas — ISD officials say the number of threats made against their campuses has increased since last year.

“We have recorded eight threats during the second six week period compared to last years five so we have seen a slight increase on that”

Officials say this is just the number of threats determined to be real. And once they receive information about a threat, they immediately begin an investigation. The findings are then presented to the county attorney who will determine if the person will face criminal charges, but the district will also take disciplinary action according to the student code of conduct.

“Those consequences can range for middle school students 30 days in DAEP and 45 days for high school”

That is why LISD has a message for parents:

“Speak to our children and let them know that behaviors like this are not to be tolerated and we will implement our student code of conduct, everyone has received this code of conduct”

Authorities advise parents to talk to their children about what is posted on social media, reminding them that every allegation is taken seriously.

Tomorrow, the united independent school district will tell us more about the disciplinary actions taken against campus threats.

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