Family Seeks Justice in Sons Murder

Family Seeks Justice in Sons Murder

Alton, Texas — The mother of Carlos Perez is seeking help to pay for the expenses of his son’s funeral, and hopes the person responsible pays for committing this crime.

“My son was a good person, a very good father with his kids, he would play with them and I feel a lot of pain that my grandsons are not going to have their father.”

On November 8th, when two victims, 25-year-old Eduardo Rodriguez and 34-year-old Carlos Perez , were killed. Perez’s mother says she was present in the home when her son was shot.

I was there that’s why I say that it was terrible for me, and then suddenly he had a gun and he started shooting, and then I called the ambulance, or the police.

Authorities responded to this residence located on 910 west Jefferson street, the main suspect in these murders is 22-year-old Oscar Velazquez.
Velazques is believed to have a relationship with one of the victim’s family members.

There’s no threat to any of the citizens in the area, but we do have a warrant of arrest of capital murder for Oscar Velazquez, and we are pending his arrest at this time.

Perez’s family is now asking for the community’s help to pay for the funeral expenses if you wish to contribute you can log onto the gofundme page under the name “In loving memory of Carlos Perez”.

His mother says she will not rest until she finds the person responsible for the death of her son. I want them to look for him and is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Alton authorities are asking for the public’s help to locate Velazquez who is considered an armed and dangerous fugitive if you have any information that can help authorities with this case you can call 956 432-0700.

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