School District Investigates Improper Student Relationship

School District Investigates Improper Student Relationship

Laredo, Texas — In a statement released today, United Independent School District (UISD) confirmed that an employee identified as Ruth Vazquez is no longer working with the school district. She resigned when allegations of an improper relationship surfaced.

The statement reads that at this time, the District has been unable to confirm through their own investigation, that an inappropriate relationship took place between Vazquez and any UISD student, adding that the safety of students is their utmost priority.

“We take all such allegations very seriously especially when they are allegations of inappropriate conduct”

According to the school district, Vazquez was last employed at United High School as a testing coordinator. Fox News South Texas asked the School District when they knew about the allegations. They responded that they were made aware of it about two weeks ago.

Although the employee has resigned from the district, they are still required to continue their investigation as well as notify parents.

“For the children’s advocacy center, they say if an employee is found guilty, they have a lot to lose. Immediately they lose a lot, they lose their livelihood, their professional reputation, everything they have ever worked for”

UISD will continue with their investigation. If the Texas Education Agency (TEA) finds evidence that an inappropriate relationship took place, disciplinary action will be taken against the former employee.

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