Online Purchase Goes Bad, Seller Robbed

Online Purchase Goes Bad, Seller Robbed

The victim is now sending a message out to the community to prevent others from getting into the same situation – when meeting up with strangers to sell or buy items online.

“I tend to never be alone or do that stuff alone. But, since I thought it was a public place, what’s the worse that can happen? People come in and out at all times. I was wrong”

The robbery was reported on Sunday, November 10 around 11:30 am at a shopping center near the expressway in Weslaco. Daniela Cazares said the alledged buyer started acting strange as he approached her. She said she noticed the money looked counterfeit and decided to cancel the deal. This upset the man – who then tackled her to the ground before she was able to make it to her vehicle.

“And it as like two to three minutes that I was there trying to defend myself. Because he was punching me trying to go into my pockets to get the phones out of my pockets. I was really scared and didn’t know what to do. Luckily there was a man there that stepped in and he was able to get him off and get him away”

Cazares adds the suspect reached out to her through a facebook account under Daniel Perez which appears to be a fake profile.

Now she wants others to be cautious.

“To be really careful who they do transactions or any kinds of deals with. Be careful where they go and who they meet up. Always be with somebody else. Luckily I got saved. It could have turned out worse, and I don’t want others to go through the same situation I went through.”

Weslaco police are now investigating this case. They also want to remind the community about safe exchange zones for online transactions which include their department.

“She had the right thing going for her. She went ahead and did it at a very public place, which is something that we recommend. Unfortunately, the attempt was still there. We recommend you take somebody with you. Try to avoid being alone, and if all possible, meet at a police station and do the exchange there.”

Anyone with information on the suspect’s identity or whereabouts can contact Weslaco crime stoppers at (956) 968-8477

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