Closing Arguments Presented in Chayse Olivarez Murder Trial

Closing Arguments Presented in Chayse Olivarez Murder Trial

Both sides presented closing arguments in the Chayse Olivarez murder trial- but the jury continues deliberating.

The capital murder trial for josé Luis Garcia junior began Monday, October 28th. Nearly a dozen witnesses took the stand to give their testimony on the case.

Yesterday the judge lowered the charges from capital murder to murder because the state didn’t present enough evidence to prove the charge.

Garcia’s mother sandy Garcia, Texas Ranger Eric Lopez, and Tomas Gonzales, Garcia’s psychiatrist were main witnesses that testified before the jury.

José Luis psychiatrist testified that Garcia told him he was constantly being bullied by Olivarez leading him to kill him.
Garcia’s mom testified that her son was afraid of the Olivarez family since Chayse’s dad was allegedly being investigated for being involved in the death of two Rio grande city school district employees and the death of a 3-year-old and his father.

Garcia’s mom was asked why they didn’t report the bullying to the police. She stated that they didn’t report it to police since the Olivarez family is allegedly connected to law enforcement and at least one criminal organization.

The state claimed that there is no proof that the Olivarez family was connected to those crimes.

Texas rangers Eric Torres’s testified that Garcia confessed that he had killed Olivarez

During the closing arguments, the defense team stated that Garcia was unlawfully arrested because they interrogated him without a proper warrant since he was arrested during a traffic stop.

The trial for Garcia’s co-defendant Sebastian Torres is scheduled to begin next week.

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