Edinburg Launches Safe Driving Initiative

Edinburg Launches Safe Driving Initiative

Edinburg, Texas — The police department has launched an initiative to curve distracted driving and to prevent drinking and driving from happening.

“We are placing five vehicles with five signs just as a reminder to show that we are taking initiative in trying to stop people from texting and driving and drinking and driving this is just one example of the outcome that someone can have when they are drinking and driving”

If anyone is caught drinking and driving they will be arrested and receive up to a $2,000 fine. Texting and driving can cost you 100 dollars. Fines and arrests aside, officials say they want to prevent any tragedy.

“If you see this sign if you see the cars not only take this as a reminder not to drink and drive or text and drive it’s not for your safety but it’s for everyone’s safety our main goal is to make sure that Edinburg is safe.”

“Special units are out on the road specifically looking for individuals that are driving while intoxicated”

We spoke to several Edinburg residents – and this is what they had to say about drinking and driving.

“I believe you should not drink and drive cause you can cause an accident and you can kill other people”

“You can kill someone you can hurt people you love and you can hurt people you don’t know and you can take someone’s life away instantly”

“I just don’t think that people should be going out to drink irresponsibly and then say that they are fine with driving themselves home like that it’s completely unsafe”

The holiday season is near and authorities are reminding drivers to avoid getting behind the wheel if they decide to consume alcohol.

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