New Tool Available to Help Victims of Coerced Debt

New Tool Available to Help Victims of Coerced Debt

A new tool is now available to help domestic violence survivors clear their charges from Coerced Debt.

According to legal aid, financial abuse happens within couples where domestic violence is or has been present. In most cases the violent partner forces a victim, through threats, to take out loans, resulting in debt.

Fox News spoke to an attorney from Texas Rio Grande a legal aid about the topic.

Coerced debt there is particular to economic abuse. Where an abuser uses your information, either without your knowledge, or permission, to take out debt.

Carla Sanchez-Adams

On September 1st Texas passed house bill 2697. Legislation that provided clarity on the criminal definition of identity theft including coerced debt. It makes it easier for victims to get the necessary help since they cannot build a case to avoid repaying a loan they did not voluntarily apply for.

You have legal protections. Do not pay a debt just because on you’re scared. Come to get legal help. Go look at the toolkit. There are options for you.

Carla Sanchez-Adams

If you, or anyone you know, is going through or has been through this type of abuse, officials suggest visiting the online tool kit at where you can find the tools to begin building a case.

For more information or for further assistance you can contact the Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid hotline at 888-988-9996.

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