Fire Breaks Out At Alamo Flea Market

Fire Breaks Out At Alamo Flea Market

The Alamo flea market is known as one of the biggest outdoor markets in the Rio Grande Valley and receives over 2,000 visitors on weekends.

The fire at the flea market broke out around 2 P.M. According to witnesses, flames began at one of the clothing stands.

Multiple emergency response teams from surrounding cities arrived at the location to help fight the flames.

Alamo police were also at the scene asking vendors and customers to leave the area due to the amount of smoke.

According to Alamo officials, the fire began at one business and spread to nine other stands.

“We had one lady the main source where it started, she went to the hospital with minor burns to her hands and smoke inhalation.”

We spoke to flea market stand owners who saw how the fire broke out.

“We thought our stuff was going to burn too because we were in front of the lady’s stand and we have a lot of stuff there and the lady was crying because she thought everything was going to catch on fire.”

“The first thing we did was help the lady so she could get out of there safe.”

According to fire officials, no other injuries were reported and the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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