Federal Agent Arrested After Extensive Investigation

Federal Agent Arrested After Extensive Investigation

In a statement, C.B.P. states a 13-year-veteran of the Border Patrol agency was off-duty when he was arrested.

43-year-old Donato Joel Cantu was arrested after an investigation was conducted by Laredo police, the F.B.I. and Customs and Border Patrol Office of Professional Responsibility.

“After an investigation, it was found according to the report that there were sufficient findings presented to the district attorney’s office into solicitation of prostitution services, prostitution.”

According to the complaint, on June 2018 C.B.P. received telephone toll records belonging to an undocumented transgender immigrant identified as Jocelyn. These records were cross-referenced with C.B.P’s records to determine contact with employees.

On September 2018, the analysis revealed a phone number belonging to Cantu had communicated with Jocelyn on September 2017. Documents reveal the two had been in contact since 2015.

During the investigation, Jocelyn told agents she recalled Cantu had previously solicited her for sexual contact in exchange for money. The two allegedly met several times.

With Jocelyn’s consent, agents monitored a conversation between her and Cantu. She reached out to Cantu. The criminal complaint shows a synopsis of their communication.

The complaint states when an FBI agent spoke to Cantu, he recognized a photo of Jocelyn shown to him and denied knowing what she does for a living. He also denied having sexual encounters with her in exchange for money. However, Cantu stated Jocelyn offered to spend time with him for money and that he had lent her cash since she needed money.

“For right now the investigation is ongoing and it will be determined if there are more people involved or if there will be more charges applied in this case.”

Cantu remains free on a 500 dollar bond. C.B.P. declined to comment on this ongoing investigation.

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