Body of Missing Laredo Woman Found In Residence

Body of Missing Laredo Woman Found In Residence

The body of a woman missing in Laredo was found over the weekend
An outcome Laredo police were not expecting to end in tragedy.

The body of Myriam Camarillo was discovered inside a residence located in the mines road area…

Her body was found five days after she was reported missing on the 100 block of St Pierre

“Detectives by Friday were able to discover the fact that Myriam had used a ridesharing app on her phone that night and had actually left Iturbide and left to a location on St. Pierre”

Authorities say the residence was a rental home where several people were staying…..At the scene, police discovered 26-year-old Joseph Steven Carrizales had been in the company of Camarillo at the residence prior to her death
After obtaining legal access inside the home..police found the body of Myriam inside one of the bedrooms.

“We are really not going to go into great graphic detail regarding the state of Myriam’s body out of respect for the family who have not made arraignments to put their loved one to rest we are not going to go into detail of the condition of her body or the way she was discovered”

Carrizales is facing charges of tampering / fabricating physical evidence…..Federal law enforcement agencies along with authorities in Mexico helped with his detention.

“during the same time this individual who ended up being our suspect he absconded the neighborhood is off the mines road within reach of the Rio Grande this person ran from authorities down the street into the brush and swam across the river and went into Mexico”

The last time Myriam was seen was at the 1300 block of Iturbide street…police say at this point, Carrizales and Camarillo did not know each other.
The case remains under investigation pending the results of the autopsy report…

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