Trial Continues For Man Accused Of Killing Neighbor, Surveillance Video Released

Trial Continues For Man Accused Of Killing Neighbor, Surveillance Video Released

The capital murder trial for the man accused of stabbing 32-year-old Julio Cesar Villarreal to death continues. More witnesses took the stand and surveillance video from the day of the incident was presented in court.

Witnesses that went before the judge Monday, spoke about the numerous times they had to call police. They state Feliciano Avalos was always threatening them.

New evidence was presented to show the jury that the defendant has been a threat to the community since before Villarreal’s murder.

Veronica Reyes Gonzalez lives right next door to Avalos, she says that due to the threats he has done towards her and her family, they purchased cameras.

Surveillance video of the incident captures Avalos walking on the street in front of his house making hand gestures towards someone. As he makes his way to his property, Villarreal runs towards him and they begin fighting. Avalos then takes out his knife and stabs Villarreal on the right tigh as they continue to fight. During questioning, the defendant’s attorney asked Reyes if she believed Villareal was the one that attacked first.

Alma Alejandro lives behind Avalos, today, she showed the jury a video she recorded on a night when she was woken up by him throwing objects into her pool. Alejandro adds her children can’t go outside to enjoy their pool because Avalos is always throwing things at them. The witness began to get upset because the defendant’s attorney was questioning her whether or not Avalos had physically threatened her.

Avalos has pleaded not guilty and is claiming self-defense. All witnesses that have testified against the defendant say they have all been victims of his threats.

The trial is scheduled to continue tomorrow, count on us to keep you informed on this case.

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