Laredo Officials Continue Discussing Temporary Tent Complex

Laredo Officials Continue Discussing Temporary Tent Complex

Laredo, Texas– At almost a week of discussing the temporary tent complex, city officials remain without answers, however, they continue their search for another location.

Customs and Border Protection officials requested the parking lot in between bridges one and two to place the tent complex and begin the process of asylum claims.

City council members say they don’t want to install the tents in the area that was requested because they are worried about flooding and their relationship with Nuevo Laredo. They add they can’t move forward with negotiations of proposing a new location.

“We are still in the process of trying to locate the contact person and the agency as to who can actually negotiate the specifics of moving the tents to another location. We are proposing the portal area. With minor adjustments, we think we can suit the needs of what the federal government is wanting.”

Another alternative is the former federal courthouse, however, they say they need to find a point of contact fast as they expect the tents to be set up soon with the asylum claims beginning in August.

“Keep in mind they own the property there. Anytime they move or want something other than federal property, it takes sometimes weeks or months to accommodate in a transaction because there are so many criteria that the federal government requires but from our standpoint we are ready to expedite.”

Authorities expect about 200 immigrants a day when the asylum claims begin. City of Laredo officials expect an answer by early next week, adding it may take a trip to Washington to begin negotiations.

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