Family Seeks Justice After Motorcyclist Is Killed

Family Seeks Justice After Motorcyclist Is Killed

Its been three years since 32-year-old Pedro Segovia was killed in front of his home. According to his family, he was struck by a distracted driver. One of the individuals allegedly responsible for his death will soon be in court.

“He had reflectors on his bike, like you can tell right away.”

Segovia left behind his wife and six children. On July 17, 2016, he lost his life after a driver hit him from behind while he was riding his motorcycle.

“So she was probably coming super fast and she probably tried to pass a car or something and by the time she came in it was already too late.”

Segovia’s wife tells Fox News the woman who struck her husband claims she didn’t see him.

“She hit him on the right side like on the saddlebags. She says she never saw him, she saw the bike but never saw him.”

Mrs.Segovia adds the woman reported to police that she was distracted because she was arguing with her 9-year-old son. After he was struck, another vehicle hit him again.

“He did like a stop and then once they told him that he had passed away, he took off.”

She says they were able to identify the second driver as Fransico Venegas because one of her neighbors followed him after he fled the scene. Venegas’ trial is scheduled to begin on July 10. Mrs.Segovia is concerned because Venegas is requesting a minimum sentence.

“The max sentence which is 20 years, because the state of Texas you do half of whatever they gave you if you behave. We get half of that which is nothing and they continue their life like any regular and we don’t.”

The first driver that struck the 32-year-old is not facing any charges. His wife says they will continue to fight until justice is served.

The family says that despite their pain, they want to remind all drivers to look out of motorcyclists.

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