Two Adults, One Minor Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Officers

Two Adults, One Minor Arrested For Allegedly Assaulting Officers

Laredo, Texas– The incident was reported in the Mines Road area. The youngest arrest, in this case, was a 12-year-old.

The call was reported at the 700 block of Antelope Lane. At the scene, an officer witnessed an investigator, who had responded to an assault call, struggling with a male suspect identified as Rogelio Calderon.

“There was a particular person there. Calderon who basically began to interfere with the officer was taunting the officer, was actually physically with his duties with taking the pictures of the assault.”

The investigator gave Calderon a warning but he allegedly continued to interfere with his duties. When the investigator attempted to detain him, he ran inside a home.

“The officer and the assailant were struggling because he was resisting arrest so he called for assistance. Officers showed up and other people who became involved including a 12-year-old child, who physically assaulted the officers knocking them to the ground while they were struggling with the other person.”

Police say the 12-year-old punched the investigator in the shoulder and Calderon intentionally stepped on the officer’s glasses. Valerie Michelle Calderon also jumped in during the altercation and began assaulting both officials.

In total, three people were arrested.

“Including the victim who was the person who was asking for police assistance in the first place. She became involved in the assault of the police officers.”

Calderon faces several charges including assault on a public servant. The minor and Valerie Calderon face the same charges as well as interfering with public duties.

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