Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Stabbing 32-Year-Old To Death

Trial Begins For Man Accused Of Stabbing 32-Year-Old To Death

A murder trial begins for 50-year old Feliciano Avalos accused of stabbing his neighbor, 32-year-old Julio Cesar Villarreal, to death back in April 2018.

Avalos plead not guilty and is now claiming self-defense.

On April 22, 2018, Pharr Police responded to the 3400 block of N. Mezcal Dr. around 7:30 pm. When officers arrived, they found Villarreal with a stab wound to his right thigh. Avalos was arrested in connection to his death after calling authorities and saying he stabbed his neighbor out of self-defense during an altercation.

The defendant appeared at the 370th district court today representing himself. During opening statements, Avalos tried to plead his case by telling the jury the reasons behind his actions.

The first witness that took the stand shared a video that he recorded six months prior to Villarreal’s death.

In the images, you can see Avalos and the witness drinking an alcoholic beverage while Avalos is saying that he thrives on murder.

The second witness that took the stand was a forensic scientist with the Texas Department of Public Safety, she spoke about the surveillance video that was given to her by investigators to use as evidence.

A medical examiner with Hidalgo County took the stand next and explained to the jury the autopsy that she performed on Villarreal.

The trial is scheduled to continue tomorrow. More witnesses are expected to testify. Avalos is facing capital murder charges. If convicted, he could be facing life in prison. We will keep you informed on this case.

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