RGV Border Patrol Demonstrate Dangers Immigrants Face

RGV Border Patrol Demonstrate Dangers Immigrants Face

Border Patrol agents from the Rio Grande Valley sector held a conference to show the dangers immigrants and officials face along the border.

According to Border Patrol, last week, 12 individuals died while making their journey into the United States.

Agents from the RGV took us for a walk in one of the areas where hundreds of undocumented immigrants turn themselves in.

“A hundred thousand apprehensions in this area alone, as a matter of fact, this specific zone as for McAllen we have had 170,000 apprehensions in only 55 river miles.”

Agents performed several scenarios to demonstrate some of the challenges immigrants and agents go through. Some included rescuing an immigrant in distress and what it would be like for a parent walking through the extreme heat while carrying a child.

Senator Ted Cruz mentioned the crisis on the border can be resolved if Congress makes changes to the immigration laws.

“The responsibility for this crisis lays directly on the United States Congress on loopholes that Congress has put into law that are encouraging far too many people to make this journey.”

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