Free Services For Valley Children

Free Services For Valley Children

Shriners Hospitals for Children visited the Rio Grande Valley once again. This Houston outreach clinic provides free services to children throughout the year.

They offer medical services for children in the RGV and Mexico who have orthopedic disabilities, or a cleft lip and palate.

Any child between three months to 18 years of age can get help.

“Everything we do at this clinic is regardless of a family’s ability to pay, so basically it doesn’t matter if a family doesn’t have insurance. Sometimes things like prosthetics can be really expensive so our goal is just to treat more kids.”

The hospital frequently makes its way to the Valley. They say their services are needed in this area.

“One thing we’ve noticed is that there is a greater amount of need here in the Valley and for us, just to be able to bring our care from Houston, care that’s recognized worldwide and actually be able to provide it to the patients down here, it’s amazing.”

Many children attending this clinic say they are excited to be seen by a doctor.

“I’m here for a check-up for my right leg to see if they can help me.”

5-year-old Sophie tells us she’s looking forward to getting up to play.

“So my right leg can get stronger, so I can practice walking, hopping, jumping and running.”

If you or someone you know may benefit from their services, the hospital will be returning in September. For more information, call 713-797-1616 or visit their website

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