Family Unhappy With Officer’s  Suspension In Son’s Deadly Shooting

Family Unhappy With Officer’s Suspension In Son’s Deadly Shooting

San Benito, Texas — It’s been six months since the death of 21-year-old Ricardo Trevino III.

“I’m not giving up and I will not remain silent because even though he’s 6 feet under, he still has a voice because I will not remain silent.”

Yesterday the city of San Benito released a statement saying the investigation regarding the shooting was complete.

“If it was their child, five days wouldn’t be enough. They took my son’s life they have the privilege to be able to spend birthdays.”

Ricardo better known as “Baby Ricky” by those who loved him would have been celebrating his 22nd birthday today.

On December 6th, 2018 Ricky started feeling sick, therefore his cousin called 911 for help. When Ricky denied the medical attention he sped off. That’s when he begins live streaming the incident via Facebook. The video shows police units chasing him while he fears for his life. Towards the end, you hear gunshots.

“If it wasn’t for my son’s video it would have been an open and shut case within a month and obviously it would go for the officers’ favor. They knew who he was, at the end of the video you can hear where they call him Jr.”

The name of the officer who will be suspended was not released. The San Benito chief of police states that any other officer allegedly involved won’t face any disciplinary suspension, adding that other corrective actions will be handled by the department as counseling and training.

“Just because they got a badge and a gun that doesn’t give them the right to go kill people and that’s what they did, they did assassin my grandson.”

The criminal investigation by the Texas Rangers continues.

The Trevino family say they will be considering what legal action to take once the case is complete.

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