Aggravated Kidnapping Suspect Identified

Aggravated Kidnapping Suspect Identified

San Juan, Texas — Officials have identified the suspect involved in an aggravated robbery that took place on Monday.

Authorities continue searching for 33-year-old Jesus Alejandro Perales Gaona. He is considered armed and dangerous.

The aggravated kidnapping happened May 27 around 7:30 am in front of a local grocery store. The San Juan Police chief tells Fox News Gaona approached the female victim when she was getting into her vehicle.

“He brandished a weapon and placed the weapon behind her back, forced her inside her own Jeep Liberty truck. He then drove north drooped, her off north of Edinburg. She contacted family members after that and then we were notified.”

The chief adds the victim wasn’t harmed physically but she was emotionally shocked. He says it has been confirmed that the stolen vehicle was taken to Mexico. The 33-year-old now has two warrants out for his arrest. One for aggravated kidnapping and one for aggravated robbery.

“Anybody that harbors him is also going to face some potential criminal charges for harboring a fugitive, so the public needs to be aware of that. Any family member, any friends so the best option is to report him.”

The chief says this is the first time an aggravated kidnapping happens in their city and wants to advise the public to be aware of their surroundings because this incident happened in broad daylight.

“They need to pause, be aware of their surroundings before they get inside their vehicle and make sure nobody is hiding behind or walking up towards them.”

He says that if you ever happen to be in that situation, turn on your car alarm or scream for help.

Officials are now asking for the public’s help to locate Jesus Alejandro Perales Gaona. If you have any information on his whereabouts contact San Juan Police at (956) 283-8477.

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