Laredo Border Patrol Explain Dangers Of Crossing Border Illegally

Laredo Border Patrol Explain Dangers Of Crossing Border Illegally

Last week, border patrol rescued 120 undocumented immigrants from inside a tractor-trailer. They say that fortunately, that day’s temperature was tolerable.

Agents say the trailer was locked from the outside preventing them from leaving.

“Criminal organizations have no feelings, no care, no empathy for the cargo that they transfer and that is how they view these illegal aliens, strictly as cargo. They lock them in the back of these semi-trailers without means of escape.”

Inside the trailer, there were 11 juveniles and 109 adults. Laredo border patrol chief Felix Chavez says he has seen cases in which people have died while being locked inside. He adds other dangers include chases where criminal organizations put themselves, the immigrants and the community in danger.

Chavez says the immigrants are taken to stash houses sometimes hidden for days in cramped situations.

“They will put a large number of aliens in deplorable conditions, in stash houses. Unfortunately, we see people getting taken advantage of sexually abused, among other things.”

Border patrol says they have seen an increase in the number of people trying to cross the border illegally.

“Southwest border we have seen a significant increase in the number of aliens trying to cross the border. Here in Laredo, we are up to 17 percent compared to last fiscal year. Southwest border we are up considerably high up to 126 percent.”

Chavez says his agents are doing a phenomenal job in keeping the border safe and assisting people who come to the country illegally.

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