Laredo Police See Increase In DWI Arrests

Laredo Police See Increase In DWI Arrests

Compared to last year, in just five months, police say there has been an increase of almost 17 percent in DWI arrests.

This year, Laredo Police have made 204 DWI arrests. In 2018, in the same five-month period, there were only 173.

“Now the increment or the increase in arrests is attributed to the active patrolling officers are doing in the city of Laredo as well as details, officers are placing them on to look for drivers that may be intoxicated.”

This is only one of the many measures officers are taking to keep an eye out for drunk drivers. In 2018, there were 32 fatal accidents reported, 25 of them caused by drivers under the influence.

“Year to date we are happy to say that we have had zero fatal accidents in the streets of Laredo and this is a trend that we want to continue where we look back at the stats of 2019 and can say we have zero fatal accidents.”

Laredo Police say that if you plan to drink, do not take the wheel. Instead, ask for a designated driver or take another form of transportation.

Remember that if you are caught drinking and driving, you may lose your license and you can receive a fine of up to 2-thousand dollars.

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