DACA Recipient Seeks Help To Pay For Kidney Surgery

DACA Recipient Seeks Help To Pay For Kidney Surgery

A 23-year-old dreamer is asking for the community’s help to pay for medical expenses. 

Jesus Segovia has needed medical care almost all his life because he was born without a kidney. A few days ago, he had to be hospitalized after having some complications. Now, he walks around carrying a nephrostomy tube that drains his urine into a small bag.

“Every two weeks I am cleaning it, taking care of myself, making sure it doesn’t fill up with urine.”

Jesus Segovia

He says his girlfriend Sophia has been one of his biggest supporters. She says she is overwhelmed with Segovia’s condition and doesn’t know what else to do to cover the medical expenses, especially now that he is unable to work and requires surgery.

“With DACA they don’t give him insurance. He doesn’t qualify for nothing and it kind of is hard for him too.” 

Segovia adds that the recent passing of his brother and his grandfather made him reflect on how fragile life is and the importance of fighting.

“I wanted to be better for him, but then he passed and I was sad for a few months.”

Even after these events, Jesus continues to be optimistic and hopes to get better. He has a GoFundMe page where people can donate under the name of  “Jesus Segovia.”

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