La Feria ISD Officials Investigate Alleged Threat

La Feria ISD Officials Investigate Alleged Threat

La Feria, Texas — School officials from La Feria ISD released a statement addressing alleged threats made on social media by a student.

According to the statement, an investigation is underway after some threatening rumors circulated online. 

The statement reads:

“At La Feria ISD, the safety of our students is our top priority! Please be assured that any communication or actions that compromise the safety of our students will be taken seriously and dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. The district is investigating along with the local police department some anonymous and unsubstantiated messages circulating on social media. Precautionary steps are being taken in partnership with the local authorities to assure the safety of our students.” 

La Feria ISD Statement

A student at La Feria ISD told us how he found out about the threats. 

“Basically what I heard was that there was this one kid, I guess he was being bullied or something like that and so he is making some type of list to get back at the people that were making fun of him.” 

“And supposedly it’s gonna end up in a shooting or something like that. That’s why there is a bunch of police officers guarding the schools that he said he was going to target.” 

La Feria Student

The student adds he isn’t concerned because multiple law enforcement agencies are patrolling the school. 

We spoke to a parent who says that although her son doesn’t attend the school that received the threats, she still felt a little concerned. 

“As a parent, you still worry. Is everything okay? Do I need to pick up my son?” 

La Feria ISD Parent

School officials say this incident remains under investigation and the students’ safety is their main priority. 

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