Woman Alleges RGC Murder Suspect had Previously Attacked Her

Woman Alleges RGC Murder Suspect had Previously Attacked Her

Río Grande City — Ismael “Polon” Mares remains behind bars at the Starr County jail, accused of allegedly murdering Rio Grande City resident, Valeria Salinas.

This is not his only crime. According to police records, 10 years ago he broke into a home – stabbing a woman multiple times.

A woman claiming to be one of his victims spoke exclusively with Fox News South Texas reporter Daisy Espinoza with the details of her ordeal.

“I was sleeping when he broke the kitchen window to come into my home. I remember feeling a blow to my chest. I woke up and pushed him. That’s when he beat and stabbed me.”

Victim Statement (Translated from Spanish)

The woman who chose to remain anonymous for her safety tells Fox News
Mares broke into her home and stabbed her over 9 times leaving her with serious injuries.

“My life was turned upside down. I was only able to consume liquids for the first 3 months after the attack. I didn’t want anyone to see me. I was embarrassed. As a result of my injuries, I still have trouble chewing and talking.”

Victim Statement (Translated from Spanish)

The victim says she’s been living in fear since the incident and hopes justice is finally served.

Ismael “Polon” Mares is no stranger to Río Grande City Police. He has an extensive criminal history. The police report shows Mares had recently broken into several vehicles just two days prior to the Salinas’ murder.

“We were able to get video surveillance. The following day we identified Mares. He has a history with us. He has several pending charges that we are going to serve him with as soon as we get the warrants.”

RGC Police

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