Family Speaks Out After 27-Year-Old Is Shot To Death

Family Speaks Out After 27-Year-Old Is Shot To Death

Starr County– Police say 27-year-old Valeria Salinas from Rio Grande City was murdered over the weekend. Her family is now asking for justice because they say Ismael Mares, the person allegedly responsible for her death, has a criminal history.

“This was someone that had an extensive criminal background, a background with all kinds of horrific accusations. There are some 30 something cases, some of them have been dismissed. Had substance in an out of jail so it’s very difficult for me as a family member to understand how he was let out on parole.”

The shooting was reported Saturday, April 20 around 10:30 pm, at a home located on Agustin street, in the “El Chaparral” subdivision. When deputies arrived at the scene, they noticed Salinas laying on her living room floor with a gunshot wound to her head. 

“She was a sweet, innocent victim in all of this. She did not deserve to die and she didn’t deserve to die in that way. She was taken from us very, very soon.”

Salinas’ cousins tell Fox News they rushed to the scene when they were notified about the incident. 

“I hugged my godmother and she tells me that he took her from us screaming and yelling and crying on how she was just taken from us, our whole family is destroyed.”

“It was extremely difficult. I get to the scene and I get to see my family members and it was a difficult scene to encounter.” 

According to Starr County deputies, mares fled the scene after the shooting and was later arrested at his home. 

Officials say the motive behind the shooting remains under investigation. 

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