Authorities Investigate Fatal Accident In Progreso

Authorities Investigate Fatal Accident In Progreso

The incident took place between 7 and 8 in the morning this Monday on FM 1015, taking the life of a woman. 

“She was humble and hardworking. She was a great grandmother, a good mother, she was our everything. She was a good person.”

The Texas Department of Public Safety says a truck collided with a family vehicle. When they arrived at the scene, they confirmed a devastating outcome.

“We had one driver in each vehicle and unfortunately one of the drivers is deceased.”

According to the family, this was the route the woman would take every day on her way to work. 

The Progreso chief of police says it was determined that the victim died on impact. He adds the weather had a lot to do with the incident.

“One of the big factors that contributed to this accident was the density of fog on the street.”

The chief of police also says the truck driver was examined to identify if he was under the influence of any type of toxic substance. 

 This incident is still under investigation while they wait for the autopsy results. 

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