Suspect Charged In Webb County Jail Riot

Suspect Charged In Webb County Jail Riot

A man is sentenced to 24 years in prison for aggravated robbery and jail riot participation.  27-year-old Gerardo Javier Fernandez plead guilty to both charges.

His criminal record dates back to April 2018 when a person reported walking into a business and Fernandez robbing her at knife point. When she tried leaving the scene, the suspect told her he would kill her son. The victim then turned around and was punched in the face by the 27-year-old. Fernandez then grabbed her and took her to the register with a knife on her back. That is when the victim’s children walked in and he threatened them stating that if they left the business, he would kill their mother. Fernandez was able to leave the scene with 80 dollars and a cell phone.

This suspect is one of 25 inmates involved in a jail riot that happened December 11. When two correctional officers walked into a cell looking for contraband, they were assaulted by several inmates. Surveillance cameras captured the inmates destroying objects, throwing various items at the correctional officers and starting a fire. 

Fernandez plead guilty and received 19 years for the aggravated robbery charge and five years for riot participation. His sentences will run concurrently. 

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