Congressman Greeted With Protest At La Lomita Chapel

Congressman Greeted With Protest At La Lomita Chapel

Congressman Henry Cuellar was in town today visiting the five areas that he is protecting from the construction of a border wall. The last stop on his tour was La Lomita Chapel where he was greeted by concerned property owners. 

“But again if I had that red button I would say no wall but as long as we have a president that is so obsessed with a wall, we have to deal with that.”  

Congressman Henry Cuellar

Cuellar, who is a member of the conference committee on homeland security appropriations, was able to settle an agreement to prohibit funding for the construction of a border wall on five areas along the Rio Grande River. 

“We worked out the best deal that we could with a republican senate and a president that is so obsessed with a wall and that’s what we are able to do. We put language for Starr County to make sure that they work a mutual agreement. No funds will be used and that what we got for Starr County and for five areas here we were able to stop the funding.” 

Congressman Henry Cuellar

Those areas include the Santa Ana Wildlife Refuge, Bentsen State Park, the National Butterfly Center, Space X and La Lomita. 

The congressman adds that he voted for the appropriations bill simply because he doesn’t agree with shutting down the government. 

“Cause I don’t think we need to cut the funding for our military, teachers and other places that we get funding from.” 

Congressman Henry Cuellar

Landowners who may lose their homes to the wall say Cuellar refused to answer their questions. 

“I don’t think he solved very much. I asked him a question, I asked him ‘how come you’re not helping us? I’m one of these property owners, how come you’re not helping us?’ and he said, ‘we’ll talk later.'” 

“I’m gonna fight it all the way ’till the end and we have to stop it. If he can make adjustments to the bipartisan deal, well maybe they need to make more adjustments.” 

“He just kept saying the same things over and over that he doesn’t want to shut down the government. We want to see what help he can give us he’s helped La Lomita and the Butterfly Center, we want the same help.”

Concerned Border Landowners

Residents that will be affected by the border wall say they will continue to fight for their land and they hope the congressman can help them keep their property. 

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