Volunteers Offer Free Rides And Pancakes To Spring Breakers

Volunteers Offer Free Rides And Pancakes To Spring Breakers

“Beach Reach” is a program organized by the Baptist church. They provide free van rides for spring breakers who are not in shape to drive.
Besides free rides, they are also given free pancakes while church volunteers speak to them about the gospel.

Every spring break, thousands of people make their way to South Padre Island. Some, arrive to volunteer. 

“Beach Reach” coordinator Susan Young tells Fox News her husband brought the idea to life 40 years ago.

“He realized that there was a great need on the island for safe rides because a lot of buses would come from the north, drop people off and then they would run out of money cause they were partying, so they were hungry. That’s when we started the rock-free van rides.”

More than 800 students from different Baptist ministries are spending their spring break preaching the word of God while providing free rides. Jesus Mendoza tells us this is his second year volunteering and that he enjoys being a part of this mission.

“We are getting drunk drivers out of the street. We are getting people who are very intoxicated, who can’t get from the clubs to their hotels or where they are staying at and we take them. It’s a form of precaution and safety that we are able to provide.”

Casaria Donaldson who says she was once a spring breaker, tells us why she enjoys volunteering with the program. 

“To get someone safe from destination to destination is my favorite part while showing them the gospel.”

If you or anyone you know needs a ride to a certain destination, you can call the local hotline at (956) 761-1611 free rides are available  from 8 pm until 4 am.

These volunteers will be in the area providing free rides and pancakes for the next two weeks. They want to remind beachgoers to not drink and drive. 

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