Former Investigator Waives Arraignment Hearing, Says He’s Not Guilty

Former Investigator Waives Arraignment Hearing, Says He’s Not Guilty

The former Laredo Police Department investigator, accused of taking money from an investigation was set to appear in court this morning. However, Anthony Carrillo waived his arraignment hearing. In a court document, he stated he was not guilty to the charges he is facing. 

The former investigator is accused of tampering with physical evidence with intent to impair and abuse of official capacity. In his waiver of arraignment, Carrillo states he is mentally competent and thoroughly understands the nature of the charges against him. 

Authorities say Carrillo took between 2,500 and 30-thousand dollars during the One-Armed Bandit operations which involve the raid of eight-liner businesses. 

“How much at this point of time, we don’t know how much but I do believe it’s a substantial amount. We are very obviously disturbed that a police officer would do this but we intend to prosecute this case all the way and it will be handled by my office.” 

The District Attorney says he believes only Carrillo was involved in this crime. Officials initiated an investigation after they received information that Carrillo had made cash deposits of marked bills to a bank account under his name. 

“I just want to clarify that in this case, the way this case broke open was that this specific business on the match play money, was marking their money the match play money. When Carrillo took money from the office during the search, in that money that he took was some marked money maybe he didn’t see that marked money but it was in the pack.” 

Alaniz says his office will be looking at all the deposits Carrillo has made. An informal pre-trial hearing is scheduled for May 1st.

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